Welcome to Avec

Avec is a non-governmental non-profit organization composed of three associations: Avec Congo, Avec France and Avec Italy. It is active in the fields of development, international cooperation and education.

Avec adopts an integrated approach to development that takes into account the economic, social and cultural aspects and aims to make international cooperation an instrument of dialogue between the countries of the South and the North of the world.

In 2008 the three NGOs Avec Congo, Avec France and Avec Italy chose to join forces to implement a series of development initiatives in the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville).

Avec International offers an innovative model of cooperation between the Congo, France and Italy by favoring participation in the planning and management of cooperation projects.

Development according to Avec International must be:

  • Endogenous: the initiatives must be designed by the inhabitants of the areas concerned according to their habits and their priorities. The role of cooperation experts should be to interview proposers in order to identify and expose any problems in their strategies and to provide advice on resolving them.
  • In the long term: the goal of development initiatives must be to launch or relaunch productive cycles and economic mechanisms capable of becoming independent of external aid.
  • Gradual: the initiatives planned by a development project must be adapted to the real possibilities of reception, understanding and adaptation of the population concerned. Changes should not be imposed, but diffused through example and conscious imitation.
  • Responsible: real development can only be achieved through the participation of the population in efforts to improve their living conditions. Everyone must be put in a position to directly touch the fruits of their labor as well as the consequences of their behavior.
  • Sustainable: the environment is a fundamental resource for development. Initiatives must protect it and promote a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature.