Avec France

The NGO Avec France was founded in 1993 by a group of citizens from Dieppe, Normandy (France). At that time one of them, Hervé Devos, settled in Congo to work in various agricultural cooperation projects in the Pool region. The first projects of Avec France have relaunched family agriculture in the region.

In 1996 Hervé Devos met Jean Claude Ntadi, and started collaborating with him to implement co-managed projects. The activities of Avec France have thus been extended to include support for the cultivation and marketing of local products, and the promotion of livestock farming. The constant and generous commitment of Avec France has enabled the revival of agriculture and livestock farming in the region after a period of crisis following the poor management of productive and commercial activities under the socialist regime.

The results obtained in 4 years of work were destroyed during the violent civil war that ravaged the Congo from 1997 to 2002. However, Avec France was one of the few NGOs that continued their activities during this conflict, focusing on humanitarian initiatives for the fight against malnutrition in the rural areas of the Pool region.