Public Funding for Avec’s Congo Development Project

In 2011 the Congo Project has received once again institutional support. With the two contributions granted, 12.000 € from the Conseil Régional e 6.000 € from the Conseil Générale de la Région Haute Normandie, Avec International can proceed to buy the equipment necessary to acheive the relaunch of agricultural production an commercialisation in the Pool Regio of Congo-Brazzaville. Thanks to these funds and to the contributions of associates and donors, Avec International will provide a tractor, a trailer and a power generator to supply a rice-peeling machine (already provided), acheiving one of the fundamental steps of the Congo Project. In addition, the work of Jean Claude Ntadi, Avec Congo’s president, has allowed us to obtain 6.000€ of funds from the European Union’s representatives in Brazzaville ; this amount will be devoted to the constitution of a fund that will be used to provide tools for the farmers in the Project’s area.